p1050274-e1507859139879.jpg Hi, I’m Lisa! I’m a 20something grandma based out of Connecticut who loves to cook, knit, read, make jewelry, and spend time at home with my fiancé and dog. Most of my time is spent teaching special education with students I adore.

In February 2016, I was diagnosed gluten and dairy intolerant, and had leaky-gut. I thought my life was over because food was my life. I spent my childhood watching my Nonna, aunts, and parents cook all day long and enjoying everything along the way. I was constantly looking for new restaurants and recipes to try. I ate breakfast and immediately began planning out lunch and dinner. I hated salads and was very concerned that they would become my whole life. The biggest question was: How does an Italian-American SURVIVE without eating gluten and dairy? NO CHEESE? I was clearly not going to survive. Despite these concerns, I made it.

Since then, I have healed my leaky-gut and I have learned about how much is really out there for me to eat. I’m here to share recipes of things I make at home. On my Instagram, you can find posts about products and restaurants I have tried and loved. My goal is to share all of this fabulous information for others that are gluten and dairy-free! Just because we can’t eat those fun things, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun eating 🙂

One important thing to know, I LOVE cooking. I love throwing things together, and rarely measure my spices. I will do my best to start trying to pay attention to measurements so you can have an easier time cooking my recipes at home. However, I don’t love baking… But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Along the way, I will absolutely share recipes of things that I have baked, or recipes I have used, to create wonderful gluten and dairy-free baked goods.

If there are recipes you are hoping for, feel free to leave feedback for me 🙂



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